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Live Music Industry Outlook 2021: Drive-In EDM Concerts

Do you miss EDM concerts?

Almost one year ago, our lives took a massive turn. Self-isolation, masks, and social distancing became the norm for most of us. Many events were also canceled or postponed, including Coachella and various concerts.

The live performance industry took a massive hit. Many artists are have delayed new releases due to the inability to promote through tours. However, as we continue to fight the pandemic, the live music industry also found a way to thrive.

What’s next for EDM concerts? Read on to find out more:

The Original “Drive-In” Evolved in 2020

When you hear drive-in, the first thought that comes to people’s minds is drive-in movies. Drive-in theaters have been around since the early 1910s but were first patented in 1933. These facilities became more widespread, allowing folks to enjoy new titles.

Drive-in theaters are often on a large arena. People can park inside and watch from the comfort of their cars. Drive-ins began losing their popularity with the development of VCR.

Many drive-in businesses remain across the country. However, this cultural icon will soon become obsolete within the next decade.

EDM Concerts During the Pandemic

The live music scene became stagnant due to the events of 2020. Many artists turned to live streaming music events to connect with fans and gain revenue. This allowed them to continue sharing music from the comfort of everyone’s homes.

However, live music organizers found a new way to host EDM festivals. While it may not replicate an EDM concert’s true experience, drive-ins are the new solution. This gives the live music industry a big step from live streaming and fans a new opportunity to enjoy EDM concerts as they once did.

EDM Concerts Outlook in 2021

Many EDM artists have already started hosting EDM concerts. In October 2020, REZZ announced limited slots for drive-in concerts in Chicago and Atlanta. Around the same time, she announced working on a new album.

Many fans began buzzing and hopping at the opportunity to hear her new music first-hand. REZZ’s drive-in show was a success, offering safety and entertainment in one event.

Other EDM artists like CloZee, Grabbitz, and Gramatik have thrown their hats into the ring. PEEKABOO, Champagne Drip, Sully, and TVBOO also brought music to the stage. If you’re interested in any of these artists, ensure to check their social media pages for news.

California and Atlanta are currently the main hosters of drive-in EDM events. As of now, there have been no concerts in Oregon and Washington. However, rumors are going around that drive-in EDM concerts will come to Portland and Seattle soon.

If you’re in these areas, stay tuned! The next big drive-in EDM concert may be around the corner.

The Future of EDM Concerts

Drive-in EDM concerts are making their way to be the new trend in the live music industry. Want to stay updated with the latest EDM news? Subscribe to our newsletter and find out what’s new for EDM concerts in 2021.

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